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Phillips Scott

Product Care & Maintenance

We are thrilled that you are working with Phillips Scott.  Our team is at your disposal and we look forward to answering your questions.

Phillips Scott takes pride in designing and making our Furniture.  Appreciating and taking care of what you own will make it last for generations.  To ensure that your Furniture maintains its beauty now and for years to come, we want to be sure you understand how to care for it.  Product Care & Maintenance Instructions are listed below.

General Cleaning:
For Stained & Painted Furniture, Hardware, Glass Mirror Marbles, and Stone:  Dust with a soft, clean cloth slightly moistened with water, and dry completely with another clean cloth, always rubbing with the grain.  The only cleaner we approve and recommend for use on all product is Bee's Wax Polish.       Bees's Wax Website Link 

Furniture contact with cigarettes, hot dishes, and harsh solvents such as nail polish, alcohol, and moisture.  Use protection beneath all hot dishes, accessories, and when writing or eating.  Remove any foreign liquids immediately such as spills.  Pliable plastic materials left on a wood surface can damage the finish.  Do not place furniture near heat outlets, windows, or in direct sunlight. 

Decorative Hardware:  
All Hardware is Brass and if the wrong product is used to clean it or rubbed too hard during cleaning, the hardware's appearance may change.

Banana Leaf / Water Hyacinth Product:
These types of Chairs need to be placed indoors or inside a covered outdoor space to protect it from the elements.  This product contains natural fibers, that weather can wreak havoc on.  Exposure to direct sunlight deteriorates the product leaf filaments, causing them to fade and become dry and brittle. Excess moisture from rain, snow, and dew weakens the woven fibers and causes mildew or mold growth on the furniture.  Avoid placing furniture near a fireplace, radiator, or other heat sources in order to prevent the fibers from drying out and splitting.  Agitated contact by on chairs bases from, pets, shoes, vacuuming, and cleaning products will weaken, fray, and discolor the material showing excessive wear.  Excessive rubbing or bumping may cause the natural material to fray.

Cleaning - 
Clean only with a damp sponge or soft brush dipped in a solution of water and mild dish detergent to restore their natural luster.  Work on a small portion at a time and dry them with a soft clean cloth.  

Restoration - Wear protective glasses, gloves, and old clothing.   The next steps must be done in a well-ventilated area NOT inside a home.   Apply a fresh coat of semigloss or gloss lacquer every year or as needed to maintain its fresh appearance and provide a protective coating.  If you need to touch-up coloring we suggest Golden Oak Minwax stain "let dry" prior to a fresh coat of lacquer.   

Faux Rattan Product:
Faux Rattan materials "wrapped over aluminum, stainless, or teak frames" and cushion fabrics will age with exposure to weather elements over time.  We recommend covering when not in use or storing.

Natural Rattan Product:
These types of Chairs need to be placed indoors or inside a covered outdoor space to protect it from the elements.  Exposure to direct sunlight deteriorates the product, causing them to fade and become dry and brittle. 

Fabric Upholstery:
Vacuuming frequently or light brushing is recommended to remove dust, 
crumbs, and any other loose particles.  If a spot or spill occurs Phillip Scott recommends Cleaning by a professional furniture cleaning service only.  Spot clean, using mild-warm water and a clean rag, do not rub to hard as it can leave a texture difference in your fabric.  Test on a small inconspicuous area before proceeding.  Do not use solvents or dry cleaning products.

Grass Cloth / Raffia Product:

Excessive rubbing or bumping may cause the natural material to fray. To preserve, keep your furniture indoors and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Sharp objects should not be placed near or on the piece, as this could damage the natural material. Protective pads are should be used for any objects placed on the piece to prevent scratches or any damage to the material.

Cut glass is recommended for ultimate protection.

Your furniture should be dusted frequently with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Any spills should be blotted immediately, rubbing can cause permanent damage to the material. Any cleaners or moisture will damage the product.

Any products we have not gone into depth about please follow the General Cleaning instructions listed above.

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