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History and culture define our thoughts. The art of living is inspiration, possibilities, ambition, and the desired sense of realness that never goes out of style.

Our purpose at Phillips Scott is to inspire our designers and their clients to dream of living a better life by adding new design elements, "furniture designs" that create a timeless style and authenticity for one's surroundings.

The principles of our company started over 30 years ago. They have been passionately involved in every aspect of the furniture, construction, and interior design industry. They evolved their efforts and operations into a global wholesale furniture manufacturing company in 2006. 

Supplying furnishings, finish options, and custom furniture services, "To The Trade Only" Interior Designers and Retailers throughout the United States, Canada, and South America from its home base of Atlanta. Phillips Scott offers clients hundreds of core production furniture pieces and custom-designed furniture. 

Phillips Scott – Hospitality partnered factories represent a multitude of more significant projects/hospitality installations globally.