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Phillips Scott

Commercial Shipping & Pickups

Commercial Shipping:

Phillips Scott only uses Professional Furniture  Commercial   Freight Carriers via loading dock or curbside delivery. 

All Shipping Fees are 
billed directly by Carrier  prior to delivery to your commercial address. They will contact you for payment.

Freight Minimums:
Phillip Scott has no minimum product re-orders. Keep in mind that the  Freight Carrier's minimum fees  will be approx. $75.00 - $150.00 in the Southeastern area per delivery billed directly by Carrier prior to delivery to your commercial address. 

Address Correction:
Please ensure the commercial address you supply to Phillips Scott is 100% accurate.  This includes the street address, suite #, state, and zip code.  Y our company will be  liable for any additional charges from the Freight Carrier  for corrections.

In-Route Address Change:
If you change / correct an address while the product is in-route, y
our company will be  liable for any additional charges from the Freight Carrier   for corrections.

How Big are Delivery Trucks:
A 53ft Trailer truck must be able to maneuver in and out of your location risk-free.  If the trailer truck cannot deliver due to maneuvering issues, y our company will be  liable for any additional charges from the Freight Carrier.

Expedited or Guaranteed Shipping:  

Phillips Scott can NOT guarantee any shipping delivery date as we are not a Freight Carrier.  We can only guarantee a date that a shipment will be ready to load.  Note: If you need a specific urgent date that a product needs to get loaded, you must state this in your "Order Comments" to receive a notification back that your date can be accepted.  Not all dates can be guaranteed. 

When do I get the Delivery:
Once the Freight Carrier leaves our facility, you will be notified via email within 24hrs with tracking information from Phillips Scott.  Please allow approx. 72hrs before contacting freight carrier to confirm a delivery date as this information  might not be entered into their computer system yet. 

At Delivery Time:
Freight Carriers do not assist with un-boxing, removal of materials, or product placement. 

Signature Required:
Signature of receipt by your agent or employee constitutes full acceptance of all merchandise stated on the bill of lading or electronic clipboard in undamaged condition and the correct products, finishes and quantities were received.

Shipping Claim: 
         File a claim
If the damages/issues are not noted on the carrier's bill of lading or reported to an authorized Phillips Scott representative within 24hr of receiving the products, your claim will be voided automatically by the freight carrier. Any issue NOT reported within 24 hours of receipt will be considered as having occurred, happened or been done after the 24 hour period and therefore the Authorized Reseller's full responsibility. 
Warranty Link

Warehouse Pickups: 

Shipping Residential:
If you are shipping to a residential address you need to "Choose Warehouse Pickup" when placing your order.  This allows you to organize a Pickup with your carrier that does residential deliveries.  We can provide you with referrals if needed.

When Can I Pickup:
You will be notified via email when your order is ready for pickup.  Your Order # and Company Name is required to release your order.  It is your responsibility to supply your Order # and Company Name to your pickup person / company or it will NOT be released.

Email a Resale Certificate:
We require a copy of your resale certificate on file prior to the merchandise being released if your company is located in the state of Georgia or your order  will NOT be released.  

Hours for Pickups:
Monday - Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm  
Closed for lunch between 12:30pm - 1:00pm

Pickup Location: 
Phillips Scott, 6610 Bay Circle - Suite F, Norcross GA 30071. Drive to the  back of the building and make a right.  Drive to the end of the building and the product is located at the 5th loading dock door from the far end. 

Pickup Requirements:
If your carrier does not provide the Sales Order (SO) number, or arrives before the pick-up confirmation email is received, your merchandise will not be released. Phillips Scott bears no responsibility for any costs incurred due to your carrier's inability to retrieve items due to these conditions. In such instances, your carrier will be required to acknowledge this by signing a designated form.

Loading Products:
Phillips Scott will have products ready for you to retrieve from the loading dock.  We are not responsible for loading / securing products in pick up vehicles.  Phillips Scott does not provide tie-downs or furniture blankets.  If your agent or employee ops for Phillips Scott to help load merchandise into the vehicle, Phillips Scott will not be responsible for any damages to the product or the pickup vehicle.  Note: We recommend a minimum of 2 people to handle furniture properly.

Signature Required:
A signature of receipt by your agent or employee constitutes full acceptance of all merchandise stated on the bill of lading or electronic clipboard in undamaged condition and the correct product was received. 

Responsibility for the product:
After the pickup of goods by your agent or employee, Phillips Scott will not be responsible for charges resulting from damages and the inability of your agent or employee to deliver.  If any problems occur, they must be handled with your agent or employee who has signed for the pickup.

Storage / Restocking Fees:
A storage / restocking fee of 25% will be imposed if your products are not collected within 30 days from the date of the pickup notification email. If we do not receive any response or if the products are not collected from our warehouse within an additional 5 business days, they will be returned to our inventory and a storage / restocking fee of 25% will be charged.  The balance will be credited to your  Phillips Scott account, which can be used for future purchases within a 6 month period.

Pickup Claim:           File a claim
Signature of receipt by your agent or employee at time of pick up constitutes full acceptance of all merchandise stated on the bill of lading or electronic clipboard in undamaged condition and that the correct products, finishes and quantities are being picked up. Therefore, claims for products that were picked up will only be accepted if a product or part is found to have a manufacturing issue within the warranty period of 6 months after examination by an authorized Phillips Scott representative. Any other issue or damage that was not reported and validated at time of pick up is the Reseller’s sole responsibility and any of these claims will be voided  automatically.  If a claim on an order that was picked up is deemed valid, r eturning the product to the Phillips Scott warehouse is the Reseller's sole responsibility. We will only be responsible for repairs or replacements at our sole discretion. 

Warranty Link
At no point shall Phillips Scott be held responsible or liable for any extra costs incurred from the claims process. All claims will be handled according to the conditions defined in the   Claims Process .

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