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Phillips Scott
Need to cancel something?

The Cancellation Process:

The cancellation form - Located below must be submitted online and received within 7 days after your order was placed to receive a full refund.  

Non shipped or ready to Pickup products - Cancelled after 7 days will incur a 25% cancellation fee and any balance over the 25% will only be available as a credit on file available to use toward future purchases.   

Custom orders - Are not subject to cancellation.  

Shipped Product - We accept no cancellations or returns after any product has shipped as Phillip Scott sells Wholesale to Authorized Resellers Only, we are NOT a Retail Business.   

When do you Contact me back:
After the form has been submitted Phillips Scott will contact you via email within 3 business days with an update or if more information is required.  

General Enquiries 

The Cancellation Form

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